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The Master of Accounting (MAKSI) Study Program FEB UI is the first master program in accounting with a professional orientation in Indonesia. Since its establishment in 1998, the MAKSI FEB UI Study Program has remained committed in educating accountants and professionals in the field of information as “whole and qualified” people in developing accounting expertise to help establish good public & corporate governance in a “global civil society.”

The Accounting Profession Education (PPAk.) FEB UI Study Program is a professional program that helps students to take and pass the Chartered Accountant (CA) exam organized by the Institute of Indonesia Chartered Accountants (IAI). PPAk. FEB UI Study Program is also the organizer of the first PPAk. in Indonesia.

MAKSI – PPAk. Study Program offers the following educational program:

  1. MAKSI Program
  2. PPAk. Program.
  3. MAKSI – PPAk. Program

MAKSI – PPAk. Program was first offered in the Odd Semester of the 2008/2009 Academic Year. This program provides opportunities for prospective students who wish to obtain a Master’s Degree in Accounting (M.Ak.) and prepare students to take the Chartered Accountant (CA) exam, without having to take the two programs separately, with a shorter study period and lower tuition fees.

Apart from the MAKSI program and the PPAk. program, the Study Program also offers the MAKSI-PPAk program, which provides an opportunity for prospective students who wish to obtain two degrees, namely the degree of Accountant (Ak.) and Master of Accounting (M.Ak.)

MAKSI-PPAk FEB UI program students will interact and discuss with qualified lecturers who are also practitioners and academics who are exel in their fields. Students can also enjoy the provided facilities, such as a computing laboratory, discussion room, and a library with a complete collection, all of which are equipped with a wireless internet connection.